Hi, I'm Ferit

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An inspired and enthusiastic Engineering Manager, committed to creating outstanding digital experiences and nurturing thriving engineering teams.


  • Passionate about: Crafting remarkable digital experiences and supporting my brilliant colleagues.
  • Current endeavor: Empowering cross-functional teams at Redcare Pharmacy to boost our customer journey and foster business growth.
  • Life beyond work: Sharing laughs and love with family, engaging in thought-provoking discussions at public talks, and expanding my proficiency in developer productivity and AI.

My Story:

Since discovering my fascination with web and full-stack application development during my university days, I've devoted the last ten years to perfecting my abilities in client-side development and guiding crucial architectural selections. However, along the path, I found my genuine vocation: combining the right talents to establish elite engineering squads. Nowadays, I spearhead a vibrant troupe of 20 experts at Redcare Pharmacy. By embracing versatile agile operating practices, we confront exhilarating hurdles, bolster camaraderie, and achieve astonishing outcomes. Amongst these triumphs lies the successful shift toward a state-of-the-art micro front-end structure, enhancing conversion rates and producing millions worth of incremental revenue. Now, we look ahead to modernizing archaic systems into adaptable microservices aimed at a robust hybrid cloud agenda. Previously, I savored five fulfilling years as a Senior Software Engineer at Zalando SE, cooperating intimately with creative thinkers to fabricate revolutionary (micro) frontend software creations. Standouts comprise constructing a trailblazing talk system mock-up and remodeling a paramount stylist instrument utilized by hundreds. Returning to earlier times, I left indelible imprints as a Frontend Engineer at pro!vision GmbH, designing sophisticated applications within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), forming striking user interactions for distinguished patrons like Volkswagen AG. It doesn't end there! During my spell at Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, I embarked on my voyage as a student helper, later advancing to govern groundbreaking research initiatives. Wrapping up my educational chapter, I earned two illustrious computer science diplomas from Technical University Berlin. Capstone works included compelling explorations surrounding social networks and fine-tuning telecommunication network efficiency.

Life Beyond Work:

Once I log off duty, I dive wholeheartedly into fatherhood, relishing every moment with my fantastic partner and trio of adorable kids. Occasionally, I take pleasure in presenting viewpoints at public lectures related to knowledge administration and directorial progressions. Furthermore, I continually widen my understanding by investigating novel aspects of developer effectiveness and AI, always ready to encounter ingenious concepts and procedures to augment my consultancy prowess. Let us start discussing how I could bring value to your organization! Drop me a line via https://hi.new/ferit